PostRevolutionary Letter to Comrade Doctor in Pakistan

Dear Doctor,

I was originally going to write this as a letter to all Pakistani friends, but that made me remember the time I asked the Butter Lion whether I should write an essay to my generation and he said no, good advice to follow.

Perhaps you have figured out that I like to enter into imaginary worlds, some more realistic than they seem, and some less, so please respond to this in writing if you can, and I will publish your response, and so on and so on, back and forth, because as you said in our first conversation it is no crime to announce one’s political views in public, and advocate for them.

So here I am advocating for a relatively fast paced reorganization of relevent political economies into bolos: micronations of 300–500 people. These micronations could affiliate together or be protected by macronations. Many potential structural limits of the economic growth of the people’s republic of china, for instance, could be resolved with boloization, but I would not advocate, at this moment, for the relevence of the bolo work in the PRC. More important right now seems to be the creation of communist ventures, large-scale companies that are collectively owned with a high degree of social closeness. These ventures could support both human rights and health worldwide, especially the rights of children, women, the aged, prisoners, and members of oppressed nationalities.

Sad to say there are secret genocides going on now for many years. The US state has existed, to this point, in order to inflict social death upon the Black Macronation. This Macronation owes the US nation no fealty, and, if properly organized, on lines of feminist affinity, could effectively initiate a peaceful evolution of the US nation forward towards rule by the Sandwitch Party.

The only honest top level politician in the US is a lesbian senator and the best lyric poet is Lupe Fiasco, put them together with chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov as the Secretary of State and you have the Sandwitch Party. Two New Yorkers could manage this party real fun, and I will talk about it on my late night television show, Communist Midnight with Baby Show on Hi TV.

Not only does Communism have a numerical advantage, it has an organizational advantage. Once united, the people cannot, and will not be defeated. As a family member pointed out today, we were all peasants at one point. This was in response to me saying that some food was peasant food, which was a Scott Distick joke, but the Revolutionary Communist Scott Distick Fan Club is less large than you might think, but will grow soon?

Towards communist research stations in outer space, universal wealth (发发)and Kanye West’s face as the moving side of a skyscraper in Pudong.

Comrade Baby.

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