Fighting the Heat Wave : Top 7 Ways on Keeping a Home Cool

No gimmicks allowed. No tips that include stapling blankets to doorways, fans and ice-cubes. This list is comprised of seven proven ways to keep a home cool.

Stay safe in this Los Angeles heat wave.

Loose Fill in a Sealed Attic

Insulate the Attic

25 % of nice, cool air evaporates once it touches the attic. Just for a clear understanding, the attic is filled with tiny, tiny little gaps that add up to a huge vent that channels hot air into the home. This paired with non-existent insulation is like a heat pack on the head of your home. Los Angeles attic insulation is a must.

Batt Insulation Replacement

Insulate the Walls

35% of cool air is cut short by hot air that enter through the walls. This is among my favorite tips on keeping the home cool because while homeowners know that they’re getting into, until they feel it for themselves they don’t truly understand. With wall insulation, the A/C can drop the temperature and just glide on that level for hours. It’s really something.

Well Insulated Summer Windows

Better Windows Increase Insulation

U — Factor, SHGC2, VLT3, all determine the value of a window and most homeowners don’t even know what they are.

  • How good is a window at keeping heat in?
  • How cool can windows keep the home in the summer?
  • How much natural sunlight can come in?

It wouldn’t be such a problem is LA homes didn’t so often fall for builder grade windows, and it’s one of the reasons that a window replacement in Los Angeles is one of the most important tips on keeping a home cool.

Central A/C’s Keep the Home Cooler

Central A/C or (Choosing the Right A/C)

Many homeowners in Los Angeles would not even consider buying a home that lacks a central A/C because once they experience it, it’s hard to go back.

A central A/C installation has the power to cast a long, cool atmosphere throughout the home, in complete contrast to the never-ending blow of a window mounted A/C (that never really comes through).

Outside of the fact that a central A/C remodels what it means to have a cool, calm home; what really matters when it comes to any A/C is that it fits the size of the room. A/C’s that are too small cycle till they go hoarse, and those too large just soak up far more energy than is actually needed.

Proper Duct Work Energy Efficiency

Insulating Duct work

One of the tips on keeping a home cool that homeowners often forget to consider is insulating ductwork. Most believe that with the right A/C everything runs smoothly but what happens when all that cool air is delivered to all the wrong places?

It gets lost in the attic, loses its way in the basement, worse, crawlspaces where it goes to cool off the ants. Without sealed duct work, any A/C will always have 30% of its energy savings cut short.

Shade Trees Keep it Cool

Use Shade Trees

Homeowners have taken their energy conscious approach out of the home and into the yard to see what ways they can tick down the numbers off the energy bill. Surprisingly, planting trees around a property acts as an insulating umbrella against the heat.

Without an excess coat of sun across the walls, the inside of a home doesn’t have to work over to bail out the heat.

Decreasing the energy bill has its own appeal but the true benefit comes from boosting the lush appeal of the yard with shade trees that have a nice big loom to them.

White Reflective Roofing

White Roofing Increases Insulation

A white finesse over the roof has the ability to deflect the incoming sun, saving 10% — 40% on energy use. All of these projects add into each other, compliment each other, which is why homeowners see a number like 40% and wonder how it could be so high.

  • The less heat invades a home, the less energy is used to cool it down.

It’s why sealing off the attic, insulating the walls, ect. all push for a collective effort to ease up on the A/C’s burden.

The cost of white roofing is cheaper than any project that saves so much has any right to be. Imagine a protective coat around a home that both extends its lifetime, and increases its efficiency. Truly not a big decision here.

Insulation Specialists Los Angeles

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