Nothing Saves More on Energy than Attic Insulation

Energy costs rise the air conditioner cycles itself hoarse. Many homeowners just accept the fact energy savings in Los Angeles are meager because the heat fights hard. What they don’t understand is that the most effective way to combat surging energy costs — is an attic sealing.

Attic Insulation

The attic is a useful space for storage but the absolute first step in managing the cool air loss is to get rid of the convenience in favor of savings. Most of these attic sealing, attic insulation projects are suggested under the assumption that as it is, the homeowner is using the attic as a storage space, which won’t be the case after the attic is primed for insulation.


Combine all of those small holes up there in the attic floor. What’s there is a gaping hole the size of a chimney that pours heat kept in the attic, down into the home.

These perforations under ¼” can be solved with caulk. Most will be found with a pull back on the insulation. After that, holes can be found around pipes, wires, exhaust fans, check the windows too.

Insulating the Attic Roof

There are a few ways to handle insulating the attic.

  • Batt

Some DIYers are always looking for the hands on experience of fixing their home. Batt are long rolls of insulation that can be a little difficult to fit in. If the attic is a standard build with even joints and few obstructions it might not be an issue.

What Batt’s not good at is dealing with attics that deviate from the norm with anything from low ceilings or other obstructions that force a homeowner into strange cuts just to push batt into the walls.

  • Spray Insulation

Insulating spray may seem like a large commitment but it’s the only roof insulation that can form this tight of a barrier. With a strong R-Value (insulation rating), it also does a lot more with only a few inches, than batt would with even more.

Spray insulation is perfect for the unconventional attic, with an ability to handle wires and odd angles.

Loose Fill

By the time it comes to the the floor, loose fill insulation is the way to go. Attic insulation in Los Angeles is so valuable because the feeling of living in a cool home is priceless.

The nature of building a better home starts with getting rid of the attic as a storage space, using loose fill to insulate the attic. Some homeowners choose this method alone because the energy savings speak for themselves.

Insulating Attic Access

When it comes to attic insulation the thing homeowners always seem to forget is one of the biggest air leaks of all, the access hatch. What’s meant for easy access into the attic for you, is also a prime pathway for cold air to escape.

An insulation specialist in Los Angeles knows not to overlook the little details. By dealing with this small but substantial attic sealing job, a highway for hot air is closed off.

Insulation Replacement

Often on the purchase of a new home, it can feel like a game of hot potato. Insulation doesn’t need to be replaced often, but it does need to freshened up every so often. That every so often isn’t that far away either.

Wet attic insulation, compressed, especially moldy — if you’re seeing any signs of damage in the insulation it is not only useless, it’s hurting your home. Insulation jobs are rarely DIY, and require an insulation specialist in LA who knows how to handle jobs both for the climate, and for the home.

If there are shiny flecks within the insulation, that’s a sure sign that it’s a health risk, and needs to be dealt with by a professional.

Vent Chutes

There’s a common misconception that attic’s need to ‘breathe.’ More accurately, an attic needs to be able to vent.

Air needs to be able to filter in from the outside or else moisture sticks, which leads to the premature deterioration of just about everything. If attic insulation was sitting on an already limited time, water outright ends it. Water damage easily lends itself to mold, which no one wants to deal with.

Vent chutes ensure that soffits don’t clog up with insulation or debris, ensuring that mold doesn’t have that extra chance to grow. They sit just under insulation, creating a pathway for air to vent out in a way that takes the heat, humidity, and pressure — right out of the attic.

Insulation Specialists Los Angeles

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