Background colorful Can be Used in WhatsApp 2018 Status

Background colorful Can be Used in WhatsApp 2018 Status

WhatsApp 2018 recently announced a new form of Status updates. This time, the update that brings text and full color background. Now, when the user has update text to be shared, they have the option to do it with the background or the font.

“Now You don’t have to worry about get the words out for all the family and Your friends. Whether You are looking for vacation recommendations or tell the group about the address of the party, the Status feature-based text allows You to update contacts in a fun way and personally,” said the spokesman as quoted from the pages of The Next Web, (22/8/2017).

Users have the option to choose the font color and the background of the Status updates. Image of the feature showing the status will also display the link. This feature will be launched to iOS and Android users today and is also available for those who are using the web client.

Appointment information, WhatsApp first introduce the new features in February this year to mark his eighth birthday. When the application was launched in February 2009, this app includes a feature Status but don’t have messaging capabilities.

Facebook, which owns WhatsApp feel it’s time to change the feature Status. Facebook also has an ulterior motive to launch the feature Status. He wanted to memamcing users Snapchat Stories from the platform to WhatsApp.

Facebook also included a similar feature called Stories to social networks share photos of hers, Instagram.

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