Features The New WhatsApp 2018 Fix The Quality Of The Camera

Features The New WhatsApp 2018 Fix The Quality Of The Camera

WhatsApp 2018 has features standalone camera that can be used to record video and photo. However, the resulting quality is still at the bottom of the camera app found on a smartphone.

Therefore, the child company of Facebook it will present an update called Night Mode. The Update is known through a translated page into Night Mode.

However, these features are different from the owned Twitter. If the service that social media can change the display to be dimmed, then the Night Mode in WhatsApp will improve the quality of the camera.

Night mode in WhatsApp will work on the improvement of the quality of the UI of the camera to enhance your photography when taken in minimal light conditions. The new button will also be available for the video call feature

However, for now this feature is Night Mode the new note is present in the iOS operating system. It is not known when that feature will be released digitally and present in Android.

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