This Features, WhatsApp 2018 Business Appears in the Format APK !

WhatsApp 2018 as it is known has started his luck to make money. Although instead of ads embedded through a platform like any other app, WhatsApp is now trying another way, namely by presenting WhatsApp 2018 special business.

WhatsApp business are even known to have been tested on a company airlines flight although not yet officially launched. It is now devoted to a business that was present in the APK file. That is, You can download it and try the application.

This Features, WhatsApp 2018 Business Appears in the Format APK !

Reported Android Police, WhatsApp’s Business has appeared in the website APKMirror. Even so, not all users can just use it, because the user can just give it a try if WhatsApp has approved their business for testing.

Earlier, when WhatsApp announced the presence of the WhatsApp 2018 Business, the company asked for a survey. To date, the only business that has been approved through the survey that can be access the application APK.

The report of Android Police shows that WhatsApp application Business will allow the account manager, in order to maintain a personal account and a business account separately. As with WhatsApp, the WhatsApp 2018 Business also supports home phone. This feature will certainly help the company that has long been dependent on the support home phone.

The user can also run WhatsApp Business and personal simultaneously. Business owners will be able to register a mobile phone number of different for special applications this business.

This Features, WhatsApp 2018 Business Appears in the Format APK !

WhatsApp Business will have settings for the manager account to be able to see messages sent to consumers. For the moment this is only limited to messages sent, received, messages sent, and messages that have been read.

There is also the option to provide business details such as website, address, as well as the “Away Message” that will be automatically sent to the customer.

WhatsApp itself has indicated that his company may charge a substantial fee for business solutions. The company also said it would allow customers to block any service on the application so that it can prevent potential spam.

With the number of users has reached more than 1.2 billion, special applications business is certainly a source of revenue for WhatsApp 2018. Not only that, businesses can also be easy to reach a variety of customers.

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