Update WhatsApp 2018 Allow Users to Send APK Files

Update WhatsApp 2018 Allow Users to Send APK Files

A series of updates WhatsApp 2018 which allows users to make posts unique like a seasoned model bold or italic by adding a certain symbol. However update new WhatsApp will allow users to do that without adding the symbol.

WhatsApp 2.17.148 which is currently in Beta testing, will integrate the new features it to the drop-down menu, so that the user can easily select the desired font. For the moment, that feature is only available for Android devices.

The user can specify the text they want to change and choose the model of the bold, italic, or strikethrough. WhatsApp will then add characters automatically to the testing for a better experience.

Another new feature which allows WhatsApp users to add any file through the application. As is known, WhatsApp has enabled users to submit PDF documents and Word, but the new features allow sending APK files even downloading it directly from a book.

Even so, WhatsApp limit the size of documents that can be sent i.e. 100 MB. New features enhanced it has been released for selected users for Beta testing, without news and release date in general.

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