WhatsApp 2018 Can Send Files Of Any Format

WhatsApp 2018 allows users insert the document into the opponent’s chat. However, the file type limited to PDF format. Now the WhatsApp update these capabilities without limiting the type of file. Users can share documents with just about any format, ranging from PDF, APK, ZIP, DOC, XLS, TXT, and other.

WhatsApp 2018 Can Send Files Of Any Format

Previously, sending a document in JPG format had been able through the insertion of the image but will be automatically uncompressed. If sending it through the insertion of the document, the file quality will not be reduced.

According to the website of WhatsApp, the insertion of documents is limited to a size of 100 MB. However, other reports refer to the iPhone user can insert documents up to 120 MB. The next update of WhatsApp looks on the interface design when sharing photos. Instead insert the image via the document or image, photos can be shared by selecting the camera icon and sweep aka swipe to the top.

If the user wants to select multiple photos to share, WhatsApp will automatically group them into one bundle the photo looks like a collage of four photos. In addition, the design interface when calling via WhatsApp also slightly overhauled. The user picks up the phone with a simple swipe up instead of swipe side.

The new capabilities on WhatsApp can be enjoyed by all users gradually. You just need to update the app through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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