WhatsApp 2018 is Dominant in 109 Countries

WhatsApp 2018 is Dominant in 109 Countries

From the results of the analysis of the Android data in 187 countries, as many as 55,6% or 109 countries use Whatsapp application to send messages. Ranked second is the application Facebook Messenger has now become the application. That’s the results of a survey compiled by Digital Vision.

China is a country where people are more popular to make use of Whatsapp. The deployment of the application is also quite evenly distributed in Brazil, Russia, India, Mexico and some other countries located in South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Adrift far enough, Facebook Messenger only dominate in 49 countries, among others in Australia, Canada and the United States. Digital Vision also noted, the application message third popular one is Viber, which dominate only in 10 countries, mainly in Eastern Europe.

WhatsApp 2018 is Dominant in 109 Countries

In Japan, LINE is the most popular app and the people there can afford to spend the time to use the application until more than 40 minutes. WeChat still be the app of choice in China. Application send other messages, such as Telegrams and Kakao Talk are popular in South Korea.

Then, where the position of the application Blackberry Messenger (BBM)?

An first was to dominate the world of messaging this questions is still in the matter of research. Interestingly, Indonesia is a paradise for BBM, where as of April 2016 as much as 87,5% of all Android users have the app installed concoction Blackbbery this on their device.

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