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My very first review on this site was an app called Any.Do. (Which, by the way, I still use Any.Do RELIGIOUSLY). Any.Do is an excellent app that lets you plan out what you’re doing today, tomorrow and upcoming by compiling a checklist and swiping off what you’ve completed. Any.Do is great for the average college student because it physically shows what students still need to do. I must note though, that Any.Do can be for all aspects of life- school, shopping lists, business and personal needs. I use the app solely for homework assignments and a few personal tasks as well.

But shouldn’t there be an app that is similar to the goal of Any.Do that is just for homework? There should be, and it is. It’s called My School Planner. My School Planner is a great, well-organized app that allows users to organize their life into classes by categories, and then subcategories, which are the assignments in each class that still needs to be done.

As a student taking 17 credits with a broadcasting major and a music minor, my life is pretty busy. These past few weeks I’ve had work piled up on me- 10 page papers, final presentations and exams, and miscellaneous assignments. Being so constantly busy isn’t easy, but I know every other college student is going through the same things as me right now too! Of course, there aren’t apps which do our assignments and tests for us, but there are apps that can help us get these assignments done at a quick, efficient manner.

And that’s where My School Planner comes in.

My School Planner is so simple to learn. To start, the app gives you the option of putting in your classes in individual slots. (So for example, I put in MUS 113, BRC 222, COM 100, POL 205, THT 359, etc…) The great thing about this app is that users are able to color code their assignments. This is for the person who is more visual. (For example, THT is red, BRC is green, MUS is red and so on) Once all of your classes are set up, users can now dig right in and start typing in their assignments. Simply click the “+” in the top right corner to set it all up. Once this is set up, you can now enter the name of the assignment, choose a due date, and enter additional notes. So for example, if I want to put under my MUS 113 class that I have a 10 page research paper about the romantic period of music due on December 1st, 2015, I can absolutely do that. If I wanted to note that I have to submit my paper online rather than printing off a physical copy, I can absolutely do that, too. My School Planner gives the user free reign of what they want to do and how they want to organize their assignments.

Once all of your assignments are completed, My School Planner allows users actually to go back and swipe a tab from “incomplete” to “complete.” This is a big difference between My School Planner and Any.Do. When completing a task with Any.Do, the user is able to swipe the task and it just disappears. The app will give you rewards for completing X amount of tasks, such as a discount on an upgrade or a sense of gratification but nothing else. My School Planner gives you a sense of gratification by putting an icon next to the assignment, from a red “incomplete” to a green “completed” note. It’s a sense of accomplishment, a sort of “pat on the back” to see a list of all of your completed assignments. In a way, it indirectly motivates the user of the app.

The Assignment Viewer of the app is a cool feature too. Not only does it let you see your classes in a list of classes, it can organize your assignments into the date it’s do and it will actually show you a separate list of completed assignments. This is extremely useful because if you’re more of a person who likes to do their assignments based off of it’s due date rather than by class or order of importance, the app lets you do just that. I really love how My School Planner gives the user a number of options in order to make them feel more comfortable. I think the creators of the app really understand the average student and that there are a number of ways to stay organized and not just one set way.

I do think My School Planner seems a touch outdated though. My first huge issue with it is that there isn’t a time option. Some professors are extremely strict about a due date. (For example, most of my professors either have a strict due time at 10 AM or 11 PM. Anything handed in later than that will NOT be accepted, no matter what excuse you have). This feature would be extremely useful, because most other planners have a time option that actually has an alarm. I just happen to really enjoy My School Planner’s other awesome features, so it makes up for the lack of an extremely important feature. The time feature would also help students be more efficient. Sometimes there are multiple assignments due in one day so it would help some students complete their assignments by order of importance.

There was also a weird feature of My School Planner that I am still confused about. In the date option of the app, it gives users the option to select the year in which something is due. The choices range all the way from 1AD to 2050AD. I think this just takes up extra space in My School Planner and no one needs a due date from over 200 years ago.

Overall, I think My School Planner gets a 3.5 out of 5. It is efficient, to the point, simple and effective. It is also a little out of date because of it’s choice of font and questionable options it gives it’s users. I think with a few MAJOR adjustments, My School Planner could and should be the primary planner for every college student across the globe.

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