Top 4 Halal Restaurants in Singapore You Need to Check Out

Singapore is known to many as the Little Red Dot. But don’t be fooled by its size, it is a country filled with diversity, vibrancy and colourful cultures. Singapore has been coined as one of the best cities to indulge in delicacies from around the world.

Being a multi-racial society, Singapore has managed to adapt to her people’s (and tourists’) varying palates. This means that our Muslim friends are not excluded too. We have a long list of Halal restaurants and cafes to cater to them. Whether you are a Muslim or dining with Muslim friends, never worry about finding the perfect place for a great meal again. Read on for a list of our top 4 Halal restaurants for Muslim foodies right here in the heart of the Lion city.

1. The Dim Sum Place
791 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198759

Who says that Chinese food can’t be Halal? For all those who have always wanted to try the famous Cantonese dim sum but haven’t had the luck finding a Halal alternative that is affordable, you are in luck!

Delicious dim sum doesn’t have to be pricey dim sum, and The Dim Sum Place is a perfect example of that. Their menu offers many interesting and tasty fusion dim sums, with Javanese and Malay twists incorporated into them. Especially noteworthy are the moreish and spicy-savoury Vermicelli Roll with Beef Rendang and the juicy jumbo Indonesian Curry Prawns.

But don’t worry! For all you traditionalists, you will also be able to find all the classic dim sum staples like har gao, siew mai and chee cheong fan.

What’s more, this restaurant is located at the heart of the city and is easily accessible. If you like your dim sum unpretentious, delectable and value for money, The Dim Sum Place is a restaurant you need to check out.

2. Burgs by Project Warung (Golden Mile Food Centre)
505 Beach Rd, #B1–24, Singapore 199583

If you are a burger lover, then head right down to Burgs by Project Warung at Golden Mile Food Centre for a hearty meal. There is a reason why this burger place is such a hit with the Muslim and non-Muslim community alike. Not only can you find great quality Halal burgers, prices are very affordable as well. Be prepared to spend an average of $5 for a sumptuous meal!

From beef to chicken burgers, their menu is pretty extensive and innovative. Each burger comes with a side of fries too and you can always top up a few more dollars to change that to onion rings, or their special okonomi fries.

3. Spize
409 River Valley Road S(248307)

Known to many as the post-clubbing supper joint at night to the family oriented restaurant in the day, Spize has built a reputation for its quality and value-for-money authentic Singaporean (Chinese, Indian, Western, Malay) grub. Their menu is diverse, including food from beyond our shores like Thai and Mediterranean dishes.

If you want a taste of true Singaporean fusion food, head here for a mean plate of Pataya Mee Goreng and soak up the vibrant atmosphere.

4. Halia (Singapore Botanic Gardens)
Ginger Garden, Singapore Botanic Gardens, 1 Cluny Road

Need to impress a date? A lover of nature and greenery? This is the place to go. The Halia at the Singapore Botanic Gardens is well known not only for its mouth-watering menu and insatiable desserts, it also provides their customers with a verdant setting and cosy ambience.

Halia’s cuisine is modern European with an Asian slant, perfect for customers with a diverse palate. Be sure to wash down your meal with their range of botanical-inspired drinks too!

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