So I got a letter from NASA

So I got a letter from NASA. They are not very happy with my story:

They wanted to let me know that even though they won, there were other unsuccessful attempts from other UNAM teams in previous years. Seriously — they wrote that. They also sent me a list of the other winners from previous years from US universities (the ones who won over the UNAM teams). I told them I know (because I really knew that, I read it before) that there were other teams competing who didn’t make it, that is what competitions are all about. That’s why it is pertinently called “challenge.” I also understand that the principle of any science is precisely to try and try many times (it is called “trial and error” I think). I admire all their efforts and I thank NASA for providing such a competitions for students across the world. I learned that even the UNAM Sample Space Team told the story of four years trying until now — that’s the challenge.

The person signing as Molly A. Porter (Public Affairs Specialist /NASA Marshall Space Flight Center) also said that they didn’t win the top prize. I told them they won the Hans von Mulau Award to Best Team (which is WHAT I WROTE) and that I read it from many news (and I took pictures and send them the news), but if there is any correction to make in the year or the kind of award they should let me know and I’ll be happy to ask my editors to make the appropriate corrections.

I guess what they don’t like is all the other story — that they come from a public university and WHY. I wonder if it is even appropriate that NASA, a government agency spends time sending me emails to try to undermine an achievement from a public university because I am saying it can be at the same level as private colleges and / or this one is Mexican. Wouldn’t that be a job for the private sector and corporate power, not NASA?

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