To lose weight and improve your health reduce Salt, Oil & Sugar in your diet.

Almost all packaged foods will have an excess of these.
If you are eating out often you need to order mindfully as your intake of SOS will be much higher than home cooked meals.

Here are 3 suggestions to reduce SOS in your daily diet.
1.Get into the habit of having tea or coffee without sugar and cut down on juices and sodas. By just reducing liquid calories you will see a big difference.
2. Avoid pickles and papad with meals. Pickles are loaded with salt and oil.
3. Replace salty packaged evening snacks or biscuits with raw nuts and whole fruit.

The first visible difference will be loss of bloating and your body will look tighter. You will be more energetic and your skin will look clear.

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About Whats My Meal

Whats My Meal is a Diet Meal Plan App based on Mobile Platform for creating Online Healthy Meal Plan to Complete your Diet Goals. It allows you to follow Customized Meal Plans in a particular manner. We love to aware you about how to weight control with perfect plan to live the well balanced life as we always looking for.

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