Working for a Start Up: Fake Birthday Party and a Nanny

The third day of our shoot we had to shoot a fake birthday party where a Justin Bieber look a like heart throb comes in and swoons all the young girls and then a nanny scene where two dads are overwhelmed by their children and a hot nanny comes and saves the day. We started off with the fake birthday party scene and had about 10 young girls for the scene. The “birthday girl” told me it was her birthday so I was wishing her a Happy Birthday all day and her mom came up to me a few hours later and informed me that it isnt really her birthday. It was just her fake birthday…she should have told me earlier! I wished that girl happy birthday at least five times and she just kept saying “thank you!”. The little girls were probably making fun of me…. My dad was the fake dad for the birthday party scene, poor guy had to stand outside in the sun for a good three hours and act like he was married to a random woman. I must admit, his acting was quite impressive.

My dad was so awesome last week. He really kept his cool during my car wreck fiasco…he was oddly calm. I called him and told him about it and he just said “uh oh, you did?” I was thrown off, my father does not handle situations like those very calmly. That and when situations are running behind schedule, my dad goes crazy. I was holding my breath for two days because typically in situations when we are running late, the scary mad dad comes out. But I think he liked the limelight, maybe that is why he was so cool about everything. We had to “rent” a puppy for this scene and that was a hassle. Renting a puppy doesn’t exist…I thought it did at first, until I found myself at my fourth pet store and every employee that I asked looked at me like was a bit off in the head. I finally posted a status on Facebook about it asking if anyone had a puppy I could borrow for an afternoon. I got many many comments back and majority of them were not puppies…People were messaging me with pictures of full grown dogs, like a Golden Retriever and a Pit Bull. I even got a picture of a Great Pyrenees…I didn’t even answer back to that message.

When the puppy showed up on the third day, it was like a famous person showed up to the shoot. It is so funny the way people and myself react to a puppy. All the reactions are similar and everyone crouches down to the puppies level. This puppy was named Moose and he was a boxer english bulldog mix, with a patch over one eye. All the young girls at the “birthday party” went crazy over Moose, chasing him back and forth. Except one adorable two year old, she would look like she was interested in the puppy and would want to pet him but then once the puppy got close to her, she scurried away. During this birthday party scene, they needed a pooper scooper and asked if I had one in my Mary Poppins car trunk. I had many props in my car, but not a pooper scooper. I am not sure what a pooper scooper even looks like…when I pick up my dogs droppings, I just use a huge bag. But finally, we completed the birthday party scene and moved onto the nanny scene.

The nanny look we were going for was supposed to be a “hot” nanny, like something from The Girl Next Door. The nanny that showed up, knocked everyones socks off…She definitely had a great body but…her outfit on the other hand, gave her the look of a very promiscuous nanny. The shorts she put on were so short, that they showed off half her buns. The top to go along with the shorts was less than half a shirt. Apparently when she sat down in a chair, the shorts shrunk even more. The whole situation was quite humorous, lets just hope that the camera man didn’t shoot the back of her…but who am I kidding, thats all he probably shot.

All in all, I thought the three day shoot went great. We got the shots that we needed, no body got hurt, it didn’t rain and we got to play with a puppy. There’s those silver linings again. Now its time to return all those props…

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