Working for a Start Up: Normas Cafe

Wednesday aka “hump day” is one of my favorite days. Why? Because the next day is Thursday which means the end of the next day is the weekend! Today on this hump day, my start up team and I had a meeting at the famous Normas Cafe. I, Kate, have never been to this restaurant and well I went all out and ordered a chicken fried steak. Boy, was it good. My two bosses I went to meet with got eggs and sausage (healthy-ish) and the other one was just sipping on a smoothie. In a situation like that though, you just gotta own it. I owned my chicken fried steak so hard.

Whats cool about working for a start up? Having a meeting anywhere you want aka Normas Cafe. Although later, when I got back to my apartment, I stared at my love handles. Thats one unfortunate thing that comes with being able to work in your apartment…Being able to go to your bathroom every 20 minutes and nit pick at your imperfections. But it does work out in your favor if you just so happen to get a stomach bug…

My team is looking to hire on another employee, and I passed on to them one of my old colleagues resume. I called her and gave her a heads up that my boss is wanting to call her tonight to talk to her about meeting up in person. Of course my friend had questions and I realized that it is difficult to explain everyones role in a start up, because the roles are all over the place.

Its kinda like volleyball, everyone had a specific position but you still are running around doing other positions too. Going to the back and passing or going to the front and setting. A start up is so dynamic and is also similar to a chameleon. I am really into comparisons today, if you haven’t noticed. I have learned that we are constantly changing…not necessarily in colors, but in just about everything else. But that is what happens when you are starting a company from the ground up, you have to constantly change in order to keep up. I eventually just told my friend to talk to my bosses and let them explain what they are looking for. Because (I didn’t say this) but it is not just one role that you are expected to do when joining a start up. It will constantly change. Which is right up my alley because I see change as a good thing. Just like how changing your workout and muscle confusion is what’s best for your muscles. There I go with another comparison.

Earlier that day, I went to go get my rental car (sensitive subject) because my car is going to take five days to repair. I looked like some party animal who doesn’t know how to drive…why? Because I had to take all of my belongings and switch them to this rental car. First thing I pulled out was a keg and a tap…I was going to explain, but thought there was no use. How do I explain that situation quickly, hmm… “Oh dont worry this is just an empty keg because we were filming a fake frat party…”. I just didn’t even try to go there. I laughed about it whilst driving back home in my rental car because they probably regretted giving me the car in the first place. The perks of working for a start up: having to haul random items around in your vehicle, then random people see those items and I get to see their expression on their faces. Its those “lol” moments that make my day.

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