Working for a Start Up: On the Go

This morning we had a meeting with the production company we hired for our short commercials we are making next week. We finalized almost everything and got our actors into place. I am in charge of finding the props and costumes like I said earlier, so today was the beginning of my hunt for everything. In one of our shots we need an old school convertible. So today, I called companies that have a bunch of old cars for rent. I didn’t even know that was a thing. I called and rented an 1973 Eldorado convertible… which I was hoping I would be able to drive at least down the road. But the girl on the phone informed me that there are assigned drivers to every car and no one else is allowed to touch the car besides that guy. She informed that to me with some sass too. I dont understand people why people have to act that way…they are just simply answering the phone and answering some questions but they act like they are being given some calculus problems to solve. I try and kill with kindness, so I was a little too sarcastically nice on the phone today.

We also need for another shot, a baby puppy. So today I found out that you can actually rent puppies. Which is somewhat odd and I wonder how many people buy the puppy after they rent it. It would be such a tease to rent a puppy for a day and then just give it back when your time is up. I would have so many dogs by now if I just rented puppies for fun. But I guess I’ll have to keep my heart closed when we rent a puppy for the shot that we need.

I am also in charge of finding a wedding dress, a baby sling, a disco ball, a garder and a veil. I went to Goodwill today to look for a cheap wedding dress, and I had no idea that there were Goodwills specifically for boy-scout gear and camping supplies. It was the strangest thing, I started walking around and quickly realized all I was seeing were tents and boy-scout shirts. I asked the lady at the front and she told me that the Goodwill I chose to drive 15 minutes to was only boy-scout attire and camping gear. This week is going to be full of random shopping, which is going to be great because I LOVE busy work! The day goes by so much quicker that way and I get to make a list and scratch things off of it! My dream come true.

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