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Immediately after finding themselves walking down the school hallway without clothes, children’s worst nightmare is to have no one attending their birthday party. And for a good reason. There is nothing worse than going through all the trouble to ace the logistics and planning of the event of the century, only to find out that no person is coming. Besides not being exactly an ego booster, the lack of profit from null attendance may also severely hurt your wallet.

Once you plan and materialize your event, the next step is to properly reach out to people to ensure that you…

No matter what you think you have seen so far, 2018 will be THE YEAR of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology in general. This is the second part of our series “The Blockchain Events you shouldn’t miss in 2018” (if you haven’t already you should definitely also have a look at part I).

Read on to discover more highlights of blockchain and cryptocurrency conferences, summits and meetups that you definitely should not miss this year:

Mar 8

Blockchain Africa 2018

— Organized by Bitcoin Events Pty Ltd.

How often have you attempted to obtain tickets for an upcoming event just to see the “sold out” status the second you logged on? Imagine sitting in front of your computer for hours when you finally get the notification that ticket sales have begun. After logging into your account you then quickly notice that all tickets are gone within that split-second. How could something like this happen? Organizers for all sorts of events ranging from New York Comic Con to sporting events have orchestrated strategies to combat ticket hoarding. However scalpers continuously devise ways to bypass these preventive measures using…

No matter what you think you have seen so far, 2018 will be THE YEAR of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology in general. And there are several reasons why:

  1. Cryptos eventually reach mainstream adoption, which in part surely has to be attributed to the insane price gains many coins have achieved in 2018 and to the unreal amounts of money that have been raised with ICOs.
  2. Countless blockchain projects start to launch and validate their products.
  3. The technology matures.
  4. More and more stores start to accept payments with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  5. Bitcoin Futures started trading.
  6. Leading technology companies jump…

Demo: Woodstock 50th Anniversary (ticket pre-sale)

Let’s say you and your friends came up with some cool concept for an event, like a Mad Max-style race through a salt desert in Bolivia, a lightsaber competition with Daft Punk live set or a 3-day festival exclusively for international students in Portugal (Erasmus Maximus). If it does not require any or just little funds stop reading, follow this link and get it going right now!

But if the organisation of your event requires some substantial up-front payments, which you plan to cover with ticket-, food/drink- or other sales your endeavour might carry…

If 9 to 5 is not an option for you, keep reading…

When I first heard about the Digital Nomad movement I was like “Whaaat…?”. That was not too long ago and the internet age enables more and more people to leave their office jobs and work from remote locations. This kind of lifestyle is not exactly a huge vacation though. Experienced nomads will tell you that discipline is essential to enjoy travelling while working, and that therefore they prefer to avoid tourist travellers and rather blend in with locals or gather with other nomads.

The following is a chronological list of the most interesting Digital Nomad events of 2017. …

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