Claim your email subscribers as dependents

Friday marked the end of tax season here in the states.

Which probably brings up one of two emotions for you:

The “yes! I got it done” feeling, or…

The “I barely weaseled my way out of that one!” feeling.

Either way, taxes = no fun.

So whether it’s taxes or another expense…

Having an email list basically secures your financial future through whatever times you experience.

Health scare?

Kids college fund?

Binge Vegas trip?

You name it.

While I don’t recommend you view your list as pure money…

When you’ve built a solid list, your subscribers will be practically begging for your help day in and out.

No, you can’t claim email subscribers as dependents, but you can do something else:

Know their problems like the back of your hand and create solutions to help them.


That’s the core of a successful business online.

Yes, there’s more.

To get it, join Email Elite and I’ll download all of this Matrix-style into your human hard drive over the coming months:

Jeremy Montoya

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