Creating great stories faster than you can say “Wonder Woman”

My roommate invited me to go watch Superman vs. Batman when it came out a few weeks back.


I don’t watch much TV so I barely knew the movie existed and had no idea what to expect.

So I show up,

sit down,

and watch.

The movie ends and I was satisfied…

But I could already hear grumblings of disappointment from everyone I was with.

At the moment I didn’t care to hear what the problem was,

but I had to investigate a few days later because, after all,

it was the 8th biggest opening of all-time.

Their hitch?

“it just wasn’t good”.

^^Me thinks they let the early critics seep into their imagination.

Here’s how I judge a movie:

Did it take me out of my current experience and into another world?

(I’m a simple man)

Any who,

a good story takes you from whatever you’re going through in life and transplants you into a different world–

and it all begins with how you start the story.

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Jeremy Montoya

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