Givin’ the SM world ‘the bird’

Woke up to this gem from Kelly Bourne on SnapSnap today:

“After following your advice (focus on consistent email, letting go of SM distractions) I launched my first lead magnet and list has grown 31% in less than a week with just sending to my list + one FB post (straight up post, not boosted). Can’t friggin wait to build some more and start strategizing paid products!”

Talk about giving SM “the bird”.


Speaking of birds…

If you’re looking to launch a product of any kind over the next 90 days, then listen up:

By cutting out the constant distractions that everyone in your inbox is throwing at you, you take a huge step towards creating the digital business you imagined when you took the leap.

Want to put that on steroids?

Then surround yourself with other people who have a) gotten the result you’re looking for or, b) are working towards a similar goal.

That’s what Email Elite is alllll about.

Here’s why I’m calling it “personal email coaching”:

I’m looking for a handful of people who are serious about building and growing their online business over the next 90 days via digital products and services.

This is the start to a on-going program I’ve been working on after receiving TONS of feedback from all of you.

So, for the people who join this first round of Email Elite, I’m offering personal one-on-one help in addition to the community aspects you’ll also be getting over the coming year.

If you’re on the early bird list — expect an email from me this evening at 8:00 PM PST in your inbox with a chance to sign up for Email Elite at an extreme discount good for only 24 hours, plus a few other early bird goodies.

Then, everyone on the list will have a chance to get in — assuming the 10 spots haven’t already been taken.

After that, spots will open on a limited basis to the waiting list (probably on a quarterly basis).

Here’s your last chance to be first to know when Email Elite opens.

Jeremy Montoya

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