Inspector Gadget goes bonkers in your market

Writing this as efficiently as possible from my favorite hipster coffee shop in Phoenix before my next appointment,

so let’s pickup where we left off yesterday:

Making your products unique from everyone else’s.

I’ll assume you know why your products need to be unique.

For starters,

You have to know the field your playing on.

That said, it’s time to go “Inspector Gadget” in your market.

If you haven’t created your product yet (but have validated that people will pay for it),

then do this right now:

Block out 2 hours during 3 different days this week on your calendar.

Title the appointments “Research”.

I want you spend this time examining other products in your market –

– even if you’re familiar with them already.

Get a feel for what each offers and keep asking yourself:

“what is this missing?”

Write that down.

Then move on.

Keep doing this until you find a handful of holes your product could fill.

Let’s now talk about another method.

I learned this from a recent audio from one of my favorite marketing minds that I look up to — Ben Settle.

(check his stuff out and buy. you won’t be let down)

He talked about this guy George Bernard Shaw who would say:

“If you can’t hide the family skeleton you might as well make it dance.”

Applying this to your offers means knowing weak points and bringing them up first.

(this is typically a MAJOR objection your market might have)

This can take some work to finesse,

but when done correctly it serves as a powerful differentiating factor.



you have your work cut out for you with the above.

Along you go,

Jeremy Montoya

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