Less Bob Saget, and more Bob Ross

Many a sleepless nights I’ve spent thinking about this:

Teachers being paid less than celebrities.

How is it that the people who raise our future get paid pennies on the dollar? whereas the entertainers make more than they know what to do with.

But, after pondering, a valuable business lesson sits in the (unfortunate — but profitable) scenario.

Look at your inbox these days and you see the same thing:

marketer after marketer trying to teach you step 1-done to get your dream result.

Every answer you could possibly want sits on the internet somewhere, completely for free. Yet somehow, people are still fat, broke, unhappy, heartbroken, and miserable.

We’re too lazy to make it through the education to get to the end result.

The information is drowning you (and your customers), and we’re all looking for a deeper connection.

So then what’s the key to making it through the clutter your market is experiencing?

And how do you stand so far apart from your competition that it makes them pale in comparison?

The answer is simple: entertainment.

No, not like slapstick comedy entertainment — more like storytelling and being interesting.

Less Bob Saget, and more Bob Ross.

A recent convo from my friend Sandie on SnapChat comes to mind:

So originally one of the things I mentioned to you is what I am missing as to why you emailed so frequently.
I was missing the education. Thank you.

SO. While this email has been educational, I incorporated stories to get the point across — hence the entertainment.

With attention spans so small, will your market even make it past step 2 of your 1,000 word blog post?

Me thinks not.

Interested in making your marketing and message stand out in your niche to get (more) customers?

Just leave a comment below.

Off to make happy little trees,

Jeremy Montoya

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