Making money online isn’t all dark chocolate and danishes

I must of caught something in the last 24 hours because today’s been hell.

Stuffy nose.

Itchy throat.

Didn’t leave the bed till 3 PM.

But so it goes — sometimes you have to push through.

(plus I’m stubborn so I don’t take traditional meds)

It doesn’t matter who you look up to or who your are,

everyone has their “off” days.

Sometimes you wake up and things are funky.

Maybe you’re in a kerfuffle with someone you love.

(^^that’s a word)

Or your health takes a break.

I had a vision at one point that having a successful online business and working from home was all dark chocolate and danishes.

The reality is that it’s not.

You’ll still have funky days.

People won’t always be happy with you.

(when you put yourself ‘out there’ online the floodgates tend to open)

And sometimes you’re busier than those who work two jobs.

(and you may make less than them at times)

But at the end of the day,

it sometimes just doesn’t matter when you’re doing what you love or you’re on your way to it.

But, just like my cold or a funky day, time cures all.

As you get deeper into your business, however, time becomes scares.

That’s where action and sales come in.

For instance:

One of the biggest concerns people come to me with is that they want to leave their job (or already have) but they don’t have any (or enough) customers or clients.

Big problemo.

I could say “wait” (time cure) but that doesn’t feel right.

And so action becomes the name of the game to get to sales.

Same with your list.

If you aren’t making money yet (or know that you should be making more) then you have to take action.

It boils down to this:

Make more offers, sooner.

In fact, this month’s Email Elite Exclusive Training (which you’ll want to become a member by July 31st at Midnight PST to get) covers all bases for making more offers, sooner…

… and how to do it with out going crazy.

OK, getting kicked out of Starbucks now.

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Jeremy Montoya

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