Periscope or Meerkat?

An interesting conversation came up yesterday…

I was sitting down to chat with Amy Schmittauer for her podcast “The Marketing Lifestyle Show”.

(chances are you know Amy from her hit YouTube channel and site Savvy Sexy Social. If if not, check her out asap)

We started off talking about list-building (naturally) with a podcast, blog, or YouTube channel.

And then, we started talking about the latest trend:

Live streaming.

You see, there’s a big debate around which app for broadcasting live is going to win…

Periscope or Meerkat.

And to be honest… That bothers me.

It’s not about which app is going to ‘win’.

It’s about finding out if live streaming (or the latest trend) can help YOU build YOUR audience and list.

(before “big names” and corporations take over and make it much more difficult)

The reality is this:

Live streaming is the near future (see: now) of online content and social networking…

…regardless of the platform or method.

And if you want to benefit from it, you have to jump in head first and find out what works — for you.

That’s it for today.

More details to come on when my episode on Amy’s show goes live sometime next month.

We’re also putting together something special that was randomly planned during the convo.

(hint: Amy and I are going all-out to help you build your list)


Jeremy Montoya

PS — I’m experimenting with Periscope, and I know a few of you guys are, as well.

To be first to hear when I go live (and to see how I’m using the app), download Periscope and follow me by username — @WhatUpJeremy.

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