Playing the “cute card”

Just over a year ago I got my first dog in the form of a Yorkshire Terrorist.

Smart little fellow (who’s name is Elvis but responds to “Mink”. Don’t ask.).

I honestly thought he’d be on the dumber side — and while he has his moments — he’s pretty sharp.

For instance, we’ll head into my room at night to go to sleep and he’ll walk into his kennel. But instead of hitting the sack, he’ll grab a toy quietly and march over to the side of my bed with it. If I don’t grab, he makes a ruffle with his head in my blankets.

He’s playing the “cute card”.

Still nothing?

A little cry.

STILL nothing?

A yap.

It’s funny, the little guy knows how to get attention…

Which is a lot like what happens when you’ve built an email list.

Every time you hit “send” is another opportunity to grab the attention of your audience.

Your list may not read every time you mail, but maybe you catch them while they have a free second and they think “whoa, I need to keep reading these.”

(which often happens — they’ll dig through old messages and go through them. This causes a 30%+ open rate at times for my older emails)

When it comes to getting (and keeping attention), there’s simply no better way then building your email list.

Over the last few years, I’ve been using LeadPages to easily collect email addresses from my site, being on podcast interviews, and even from the stage.

I’ve recommended it to countless clients and friends and have heard nothing but the same: it’s stupid easy.

While one simple tool won’t magically grow your list overnight…

It will give you the time to focus on strategies that last and keep brining in leads and sales.

Check it out using my affiliate link below:

Jeremy Montoya

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