Puff Daddy’s list-building conundrum

There’s a lot of talk these days about why you should build an email list.

But what’s often forgotten is some of the negative sides of building an online business…

… so here are 4 quick reasons why you SHOULD NOT build an email list.

Number 1: Everyone has an opinion

When you start emailing even the smallest list you realize that it’s a great way to get feedback on new products and content ideas,

your voice,

copywriting skills, etc.

Sometimes people can be ruthless.

If you’re not into hearing the opinions of others,

(good or bad)

or don’t value feedback,

definitely don’t build an email list.

Ever read the comments on YouTube videos?

Imagine that in your inbox when you start sending emails to people.

Number 2: Mo’ money mo’ problems

This isn’t just a Puff Daddy problem any more.

By creating an email list of people suffering from the problem you solve

you can make them offers for products they’ll love.

Maybe you create a membership site.

Maybe a course.

Whatever the case

– when built properly –

your list will eat up your products and you’ll soon find yourself in a conundrum of more zeros on the end of your account.

You’ll need to have your shit together to handle this influx without blowing it.

Number 3: Your boss will hate you

As you bank account kicks up and you start earning more than you’re making at your jay-oh-bee

you’ll begin questioning trading your time for dollars.

You’ll sit down to work on your business and think about all the time you could be spending growing your list,

creating products,

and getting paid more than employment could ever offer being wasted as you clock in and out.

You’ll come to a fork and have to make a decision.

Stay or quit?…

These conversations with bosses and managers go over like a fart in church.

For the few than can handle the above…

There’s a program called Email Elite — and it was designed to help you experience these problems as fast as possible.

Milage may vary:


Jeremy Montoya

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