So good you’ll walk away sweaty, sleepy, and extremely satisfied

Following the first coaching call new Email Elite member Paul and I had:

“Considering time is something we can never get back, I’m happy you drilled home (even though I knew it) how important time really is. I think I had gotten lazy with my time in regards to only allowing ”x amount of time“ for a particular task… like you would at a job.”

Let’s highlight the following today:

======> “LIKE YOU WOULD AT A JOB” <======

There’s this perception out in the wild that creating an email list,

selling digital products,

and creating a business is a fast and easy route out of a day J-O-B.

^^those folks have one coming.

Does it happen faster for some than others?


While I wouldn’t lie to you,

I AM here to help cut down the time between..

“what do I do first???”


“holy shite this really works!”

So let’s break apart what factors into that speed:


Not good taking orders from the boss-man?

What makes you think you’d be any better at directing yourself?

Lots of time that goes into creating a reliable online business.

It starts with showing up,

leads to “when do I sleep?”

and hopefully ends with “this was all worth it!”.


Still wondering when it will be “my time”??

Well sister,

the decision is yours to make.

Start a regime right now focusing on the critical aspects that grow your business

and do it first thing in the morning.

(before you do anything for anyone else)


Most of us spent at least 18 years in a public education system,

learning how to work for someone else.

The good news is that some of those skills are transferable to your business.

The bad news is that you have to be the master of each “employee” role in your business as you start.

This means investing in books,



and the like to “get your mind right”.

Luckily for Email Elite Members,

these are the things we cover on day one.

It’s so good you’ll walk away sweaty,

maybe sleepy,

but extremely satisfied as you realize the program is exactly what you needed –

– upset you didn’t invest sooner.

This month’s Exclusive Training is perfect if you’ve just started building your email list,

or have been at it for a few years.

We’re going down the rabbit hole of list-management so you can create a ‘robot’ (of sorts)

that goes to work for YOU.

Grab a towel, pillow, and pull up a comfy seat here.

Jeremy Montoya

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