The Beverly List-Builders

The oil industry knows something about building an email list that podcasters, vloggers, and bloggers alike NEED to understand.

You see, if you wanted to strike oil you’d have to drill for 100 feet until striking anything worth calling home about.

And if you just go around drilling one hundred 1 foot holes, you’d never get anywhere.

That’s what most people are doing with their content marketing these days.

They start a new project or talking about a new topic, only to see no results and start digging another hole…

Patience my friends, patience.

That’s what it takes.

(which is also why very few people end up making it in the online game)

You see, when you go deep and narrow into your topic it gives your audience the chance to know you for something unique.

And while having a shiny new podcast or YouTube channel with subscribers makes you look like a champ, it doesn’t pay the bills.

Regardless of where you publish your content, there’s no better way to drill your 100 foot hole than with your email list.

When you publish your new video on YouTube, are your subscribers getting a notification (that actually makes it to their eyes and is not buried deep beneath tons of their other YouTube subscriptions)?

Is Apple telling your podcast listeners you have a new episode?

Don’t think so amigo.

Start your list and with some time (and drilling) you’ll be spewing oil out of every direction.

To make building your list simple you need proven tools that make it easy.

For this, I highly recommend LeadPages.

In less than 2 minutos, you’ll be living your own Beverly Hillbillies lifestyle while building your list — and most importantly — you’ll be able to keep your focus on your business and not fumbling with complicated software.

Start drilling here:

Jeremy Montoya

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