Their fav guru made’em do it

A conversation sparked from yesterday’s email on Twitter with Cathryn about how I helped my buddy Kristian gardner 45% open rates on his emails…

Cathryn: what is a good open rate these days? I’m curious
Jeremy: if you’re getting 20%+ open rates you’re doing something right… HOWEVER… it’s always best to measure success by sales ;)

^^This couldn’t be more true.


I took the convo to SnapSnap and got this response from Jess — The Social Nerd:

Jess: I have a former client with a 3% open rate BUT makes 6 figures a month.

I rest my case.

The ultimate factor at the end of the day (say it out loud with me) is:

“Did I make more sales?”

Most “coaches” and pundits these days preach a whole lot of concept with little to back it up with. They’ll direct you to have a social media strategy, they’ll claim magic-methods for adding people to your list, and have you whip up a 3-part video series with no reason besides seeing their fav guru do it.

You have to keep it basic folks –

That’s where my soon-to-be-launched email coaching comes in.

I’ve helped countless people in one-off sessions or conversations, and now I want to take my formula to gather some well documented case-studies and success stories.

(I see a course in the near future — wanna be featured all over???)


If you know your email lacks the strategy the preachers promise but never deliver, then here’s alls you have do right now:

Stay on the lookout next week with an announcement.

A few of you have already expressed interest — and I’ll be doing something extra special for those who sign up first that you won’t want to miss.

Want to be first to know?

Just go here.

In the meantime, mail on.

Jeremy Montoya

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