There are no rules ;)

You’re running a few miles on the treadmill and then you suddenly have nothing left.

It’s time to give up.

Keep pushing, and you risk injury.

Once you’ve pushed to the point of injury, you’ve gone too far.

If you only went to the gym once a week, chances are higher that you’ll end up injuring yourself trying to do it all each time.

And, with your email list, it’s no different.

When you only talk to your list once a week or every other week, you’ll have so much to say…

… and the simplest email you had in mind just became a 1,500 word masterpiece no one will read.

It’ll be full of all the links for content and products — but since there’s so much — no one does anything.

They certainly don’t read the whole thing, they won’t click your links, and your content and products die a cold, hard death.

This is where the Rule Of Simplicity comes into play.

The Rule Of Simplicity is as follows:

For every email, only include one link and one story
Complexity (even the slightest bit) drives your readers away faster than you can say “unsubscribe”
There are no rules ;)
Psychologically, us humans can’t handle a lot of info.

And, if you want something to “stick” you must tell stories — it’s how you make your emails shareable and “spreadable”.

The key to making things “sticky” or “spreadable”:

Know your market better than they know themselves..

Like the back of your hand.

The key to knowing your market like the back of your hand:

It’s coming.

And it’ll be in the form of a workshop (for now).

You’re in the right place to hear — so stay tuned and act fast, because the price will only be this low once and only 9 seats are available.

In the meantime, join me in San Francisco by following along my SnapChat story.

Username: whatupjeremy

Jeremy Montoya

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