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You shut your mouth when you’re talking to me

Success with clients or your email list means the same thing:

Shutting up.

For as much as I email you, and for as much as it seems I talk a lot, it’s only because of one thing:

I listen.

When you’re talking about your products and services, you shouldn’t actually be talking about your products and services.

Here’s what I mean:

Far too many people are focused on their solution. When, instead, you should be living in your prospects mind and understanding (and talking about) their problems.

When you live in their minds and know the inner conversation they’re having right now, they’ll be asking you about your solution.

Until then, it’s up to you to get people on the phone, get others signing up for your list, and focusing completely on your market.


Get people talking > listen to their problems > repeat their problems > get them talking even more about their problems

When they’re out of stuff to say, then, and ONLY THEN do you move on.

Your solution doesn’t matter to your market, but their problems do.

When it comes to getting people pay you, where that’s where things get interesting.

So for more on that (and if you have problems transitioning to the sale), visit the link below and scroll about halfway down for more info on getting paid:

3 Psychological Reasons Why You Aren’t Finding Clients

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Jeremy Montoya

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