How Can Blockchain Technology Help the Disabled Community

The blockchain technology is implanted into smart barrier-free devices, which enables such devices to function as network nodes on the blockchain, so that users’ instant instructions can be quickly identified with feedback. Devices can thus interact with the users, fulfill their requirements, and help the disabled group communicate with other people and the world in a new way;

The decentralization technology of the blockchain is used to set the node-based incentive structures algorithm. The digital currency circulating in the public welfare ecosystem is donated to disabled people and patients with major diseases. Peer-to-peer (P2P) donations can be conducted without the engagement of other third-party institutions or handling fees. In this mode, the fund is traceable, ensuring the safety and use of funds.

The disabled groups can exchange the digital asset rewards obtained in the public welfare ecosystem for medical services, life insurance, and new smart devices, which will reduce their medical costs and serve the people in need around the world.