Why is IDAC Different?

IDAC is the revolutionary charity system that WHDWF has been developing with the experts in the cryptocurrency field. IDAC is equipped with the latest blockchain technology to ensure a fully transparent, secure and decentralised donation platform. Some of the groundbreaking features of IDAC include-

  • A tracking system where donors are able to see how their donations are been transferred and used. This is achieved with ‘DONA’, a polymorphic digital asset which donors will be rewarded with once they make a donation. Donors can then use ‘DONA’ to track the whereabouts of their donation on the IDAC platform.
  • Notifications being broadcast to every donor on IDAC once a donation has been made by someone else. This feature allows donors to know and maintain a record every time a donation is made. Not only does this make each transaction transparent and secure, it also encourages the culture of giving back to the community as donors are made aware that there are many people around them who care just as much as they do about the community.
  • A secure system which eliminates the possibilities of fraud and hacking. Due to the nature of blockchain technology, every transaction being conducted on IDAC will be recorded and verified by every user on the system.