OK — but you ignore the fact that 2004 (and, worse the 2002 FIBA tournament) happened because the…
Allan Montrose

And in those years, we sent our top elite stars. This is our least First Team guys sent on an Olympic team. When the super duper stars haven’t played, we have had occasional off games and struggled. In the last two cycles we have been dominant, yes, but we’ve also sent our very top players for the most part.

Everything you’re saying about the program and depth is true. My point is that basketball is a sport about superstars. Only a small handful of teams can win the NBA title each year, depth or not. If our top stars don’t, while the international ones continue to say yes, it could be problematic again — especially too because many of the international teams have better chemistry and stability too.

Also I’d say this year is more like 2000 than 2004. Definitely not at all the bad team that was 2004.

If we had Steph, Lebron, Russ, CP3, Davis, Harden, Kawhi, Durant, Klay, etc all playing this Olympics, do you really think there’s even a snowball’s chance they’d be beat? No way. Would never be close. Not the case for this team.

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