KD wasn’t all first team but clearly a top 5 player in the NBA
lol damn .
Tom LoPresti

Correct, but DAJ clearly is not a top 5 player so that evens out. Either way, only one of our top 5 elite stars is playing.

Yes maybe 4–6 of our top 15 players are on the team — that was precisely the point. This is the Olympics, the best of the best. Our past dominant Team USA squads were made up of 10 of the top 15, with a second string that was barely a drop off from the best lineup. Definitively not the case here.

Kyrie, Klay, Melo, KD, Dray
Lowry, Butler, PG, Barnes, DAJ (or DDR or Boogie)

Every sub is a clear downgrade especially in the international game. The team could have been:

Steph, Klay, KD, Lebron, Brow
CP3, Harden, Kawhi, Blake, Dray (or Russ or PG)

You tell me, are we sending our top talent available?