Great conversation. I’m a lifelong Suns fan and have seen that cycle firsthand.
Sean Elcock

I was counting the 04 Pistons of course and yes the 14 Spurs since it was between Duncan and Kawhi’s stardom. I considered the two old Pistons teams but decided Isiah counted, though I was too young then to know for sure.

My other two were the 08 Celtics and the 11 Mavs. The Celtics are a no brainer to me. I debated whether Dirk counted but that was four years after his MVP season and I think he was just outside that super duper top echelon, certainly before he won the title. So that was my four.

I forgot to add above, the one thing I think I’d blow up if things don’t hit for the Raps this year — the coach. Casey is a deficit in almost any series.

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