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What a shocking, raw episode, and I’ve seen all 500+ of them. I don’t think it’s fair to suggest CBS could’ve just cut the whole thing. Varner spoke his accusation it at the most un-editable part of three-days of footage, and he was sent home without a vote for it. There’s really no way to air that without an explanation unless you want them to make up an alternate ending and play act. Past Survivor seasons have dealt with racial issues, domestic abuse, mental illness, bullying, and other problems as they arose. This is part of this story’s season now. It’s part of the story now for all of those castaways, and it will no doubt play a role in the gameplay moving forward too, like it or not. Is Zeke “too dangerous” now because of his powerful moment? That’s an icky question but you can bet it will be asked, whether it’s aired or not.

I do wish you had talked about Sarah’s response as well. For a woman with her background to respond that way in that moment was very powerful too. I certainly responded differently watching it than I would have five or ten years ago. I’m still processing it, but given the horribleness of what Varner said, I thought the reaction by everyone else was quite beautiful.

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