13th Monthsary Letter ❤

Another letter comes again this month!

Are you starting to get bored by that? :”)

It’s okay, you can get bored of it, but please don’t get bored of me. . yet :)

Uh. . okay so it is another letter again for you

First of all, please forgive your not-so-creative-at-make-surprise-but-always-loves-you-the-most, girlfriend of yours. I’ll try come again with another better idea of surprise. But I hope this little thing can also surprise you, a bit? :3

I’m actually bad at making a sweet word, so I just pour up all of my sincerity here. I have about four things (well actually a lot than this but please read it first, I’ll said the rest everyday everytime)that I want you to know or maybe if you’re happen to read it again someday, I hope it will remind you of me a lot.

First: I love you in your good and bad times

I fell in love with you and decide to spend all my time with you that mean I also devoted myself to love every side of you, the good and bad side. The good side of you is always make my day brighter and makes me fall in love with you even more each day. The bad side of you is make me understand you well, get to know about you more, try to protect you, and I’m willingly to do everything to make you feel better. Because when I said that I love you, it simply means you, all side of you.

Second: I never get tired of you

At my bad day or my exhausted and tiring day ever, it will gone right away after I’m with you. You heal me simply by your existence. Whatever happen in a day, I seems completely forgot how bad it was when I already with you. You heal me with our simple talks, warmth cuddles, and simply because of your “I love you” could lift up my mood to be more better. I don’t know how many times I already said this but I really grateful to have met with you. >_<

Third: I wanna be with you even if I am born again.

Maybe it just another hope of mine, but I love you because it simply you. There’s nobody would love me like what you do and there’s no other you. You are the one and only you, in the world. Even though we have some similarities, but still I thought there won’t be anybody else that look like you, physically or personality. You are one of kind; I love you because of that.

Fourth: Stay with me and never let me go.

Nothing much I could said but yes, please stay with me more longer.

Today is our 396 days and 13 months of being together, and I still love you so much.

Let’s hold hand and walks further ahead.

Whenever things get hard, you have me as your shoulder to lean on or just simply give you little bit support so you can be more stronger than before. Remember that I will always love you. Happy 13th monthsary baby!

With Love


Psstttt! Another surprise for you come along too! /.\

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