16 Things I Love about Moonbulyi

01. I love moonbulyi because it's simply her.
She may be cold and convo killer at first, but I found something about her that attracted me. She is the only one Moonbyul that I'd get comfortable with. She is the only one Moonbyul that I finally let her be 'Byul' to my 'Wheebyul'.

02. I love when she's being greasy.
I swear to God that she's the most greasy Moonbyul that I ever met. I love the way she throw cheesy pick-up lines that seems flirty at first yet so romantic and sincere in the end. She's actually so romantic that I always thought she's just being greasy like usual. I love her being my Moon greasy♡

03. I love when she's joined me in my weirdness.
I'd never knew that actually we both have a lot of similarity. One of many thing is; we both actually a weirdos. I love when she's smiled and laughed at every jokes or pranks that I threw and I love how she's created jokes or pranks just to made me smile on my bad day. I'm really grateful about that.

04. I love when she's said 'I love you' to me.
I love the way she's always told me how much she loves me. I love how her sweet words sound so sincere and melted my heart. I really love when she said that at a very random time. I love the way she told me that she loves me more than I love her.

05. I love when she’s being cutie.
She’s not the type who usually act cute but I love her when she suddenly act cute. It might be look funny if she act cute like that in front of her friends but I swear to God that she’s the cutest creature ever. Without even trying, she’s naturally cute even she seems doesn’t realize it.

06. I love when she told me things that bother her.
I love the way she told me about thing that annoyed her. The way she blunted it all without even realize (even sometimes I asked about it first) and then apologized because she whines a lot. Actually I don't mind to listened her complaints about what have been happen. I want to hug her and comfort her when she told it all, to reassured her that everything will be okay.

07. I love when she's jealous over something.
Well, people might be said that someone who get easily jealous toward their partner is so annoying. I don't agree with that. I personally really love when she got jealous, even it just over a little thing. She's so cute when she's being so territorial over me. I didn't lie if I ever get annoyed about it. But most of the time, I love when she's jealous because it just showed how she doesn't want to lose me that easily. I really love and appreciate that.

08. I love when she's being rebel to get my attention.
Actually she is just a rebel kid in her daily basis, but sometimes she does it on purpose to get my attention. Well, without even trying, she's still my centre of attention though.

09. I love to see her smiles and laughs.
I love to see her smiles and laughs. Mostly I love it when the reason behind all of those is because of me. But, even when she's smiled because other thing, I still love to see that. She's so beautiful with her smiles, I hope she smiles a lot.

10. I love the way she treated me.
She treated me like I'm the most precious rare gem. I feel so loved and special. Nobody could ever treated me the same way and she's doing good or even better than anyone else.

11. I love to listening her voice.
She has a soothing voice ever yet she always said that she doesn't. I'd love to listening her voice even just the way she talked, chuckled, or laughed. I love the most, to listening her voice when she's singing. She may be far from perfect but I still love her the most.

12. I love the way she's being silly.
She is weird and silly sometimes and I really love to see that side from her. Even some other times it annoyed me. But seriously, she's the cutest when she's just being herself.

13. I love the way she calm me down after annoying me.
She is indeed so annoying yet I can't even properly mad at her. She's always find a way to calm me after she annoyed me. It's annoying, the fact that I can't even mad at her. It's annoying that even she's so annoying, I still love her so much.

14. I love the way she always tried to surprise me with simple things.
She is.. indeed so unpredictable. She has a lot of idea to surprised me even just a simple thing. I'm really grateful that kind of girlfriend is mine only.

15. I love when she's being patience with me.
I'm not a perfect girlfriend, I might be annoying her too but she's still being all patience to me. I'm little bit secretive about anything yet she still patiently wait until I told her. I'm really grateful that she accept me well for the way I am.

16. I love when she's going through the storm together with me.
Not all of relationship is all good and we've been through many things lately. I'm grateful, after everything that already happen, she's still here beside me, not letting go of me that easily. I love her so much and I won't get tired to remind of it to her.

Dear Moonbulyi

Every side of you is deserved to be love and I willingly to love all side of you. In a good and bad state, I will always love you.

Happy 8 Monthversary
It has been 8 Months already and I still want to make it going longer than we could imagine.
Do you know that 8 is symbol of infinity? is it look alike with this ∞ ? hehe
Moonbulyi, I love you so damn much♥

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