A Letter For Moonbulyi

I’m still grateful at every seconds we spend together.

Your existence is a thing that I keep being grateful on it because it is a gift.

It is a blessing, also it is like a dream yet it feels so real because you’re here with me.

When I said ‘I Love You’, I don’t see only your brightest side, but also your stormy side.

There’s a time that we have ‘little fight’. I once found myself thinking that it’s a blessing, not only the good times when I can laugh together with you but we also can go through that kind of obstacles together.

Because we get to know more each other through that kind of obstacles. That’s why I said it is a blessing. Nobody ever done that before but you. That fact always made me in a thought that you are everything that I always craved to have. You are precious, I really grateful to have you by myside.

Even the sky not always in the brightest side, so I’ll stay beside you on your every state.

I love you.

I love you so much.

I love you very very much.

I love you much much more.

I won’t ever get bored to said that to you to remind you that, every side of you is deserve to be loved. Yes, every side of you.

You are the best thing that ever come to my life. The best ever thing that is mine. Never ending feels so grateful to have you because..

I can’t find a person like you, who loves me with all of you.

A person who can always bright my day through simple message everytime.

A person who even always can make me laugh over a thing, your lame jokes, your cute typos, your jealously?

A person who can radiate a warmth to my heart everytime.

A person who I want to cherish another moment with you just to make you happy. Even I just do it through simple jokes or simple talks, your happiness is also mine.

Also a person who made me, feels like I am so dumb when I can’t find anything to do to make you feel better. When I catch up the stormy in you but I never said it to you, while silently try to make you feel better.

I’m still lack of everything, I know. You too. We are still lack of everything.

But if I can say that I’m still going to love you, no matter what will happen later. I am. I will go through the stormy in you so that we can spend more the brightest summer in you together?

I feels like there’s still many word that needed to said. But I can’t find any words to express it well. I love you in a way that nobody could understand it but us.

Let’s make it long. Stay with me longer than you could’ve imagine.

Let’s make my wishlist come true.

Let’s stay healthy together.

Let’s be happy together.

Let’s keep being grateful on each other companion.

Moon Bulyi, I really love you so much.

Happy 5th Monthsary♡

this February feels so special to me but let’s keep loving each other till the end of time. We don’t really know until when is it, that’s why the safe way to said it is using ‘the end of time’.

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