Bernie Or Bust People: Wake up, You Were Conned
S. Novi

I feel bad for you. You swallowed the Russia shit hook line and sinker. Enjoy being on the wrong side of history. I’m not going to vote for the most hated candidate in election history just because ‘our politics is structured in a way that only she could win the nomination and ‘ blah blah blah. If Hillary was so great why did she lose to Trump? Your argument that she lost because of Bernie voters and third party voters and non voters … well if that is the case, then you should really be looking at Hillary and wondering why she was handed the nomination unfairly… she was obviously not the one who won the hearts and minds of the people otherwise they wouldn’t have voted Bernie, and NO ONE, not RUSSIA, not my friends, NOT THE MSM, not anyone PUSHED me into being a Bernie Bro. What made me a Bernie bro? The words that came out of HIS mouth. And his alone. Hillary is a warmongering lying cheating thieving criminal and why would I vote for that? UGH you make me ill. Stop writing and start doing independent research. Oh that’s right, you can’t, you have to keep golden in the eyes of your followers/friends. You call can’t see where the real conspiracy theory is: that Russia had anything to do with anything. That’s so ridiculous. And yet you all swallow it hook line and sinker. Because the MSM tells you to. Turn off your fucking TV! It’s poisoning your minds! Do some independent research that involves reading Wikileaks and such. Not just reading articles that agree with your idiotic mindset. Open your minds to the truth.

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