On Drumpf and Narcissism

I have been reading a lot about Donald Drumpf (if you are not aware, that was his family name before it was changed it to Trump) lately and one thing that rings true time and time again is that he has narcissistic personality disorder. And it is a disorder not to be taken lightly.

My mother is also a narcissist. Proclaiming a love for God through the Mormon church, she goes against that God every day. Mumbling epithets against “Japs”, “damned Mexicans”, “drunk Indians” etc. while driving to temple — lying through her teeth about things she has done and why she did them (causing untold confusion in those around her) not to mention shutting down any kind of conversation implying she is wrong… all par for the course. And for a 90 year old who is only 5 feet tall and weighing in at about 100 pounds, she generates a lot of violence and ill will among those who come in contact with her.

She ‘collects’ people who are desperate (for a place to live, mostly) and manipulates them to do her bidding. These people have so far all been alcoholics or drug addicts or mentally ill. She lures them with promise of whatever they want and then renigs when it comes time to pay up. This makes many people furious. But it’s her land, her house, she will kick them to the curb in a heartbeat. Some land in jail. Like me.

It took my mom’s throwing me in jail (lying about why I was sent to jail as well) for me to see how deluded I had been, thinking I could change her, make her a loving mother, make her pay attention to me. It is never going to happen with my mother and it is never going to happen with Donald Drumpf. This man most likely sought the presidential nomination as a joke but now that he is on the world stage and he is getting attention from all over the world, in much larger amounts than he had ever dreamed of, just as when my mother got a little bit of fame, Drumpf will just grow larger and larger, like the BLOB, gobbling up all that stands before it.

It’s not the USA Drumpf cares about, not one iota. It’s his own fame, his legacy. It’s not enough to own ginormous buildings and airplanes (not very eco friendly, this guy) but now he wants his name to be on the list of America’s presidents. So that he can say he achieved the highest honor in the land. So he can feel loved. So he can feel in charge.

But if he is elected president, there will be chaos, war, poverty… just like out on my mom’s ranch only on a much larger scale. He’s already got people fighting against one another just at his rallies. How dare those protesters speak out against him. He’s got Secret Service protecting him now, as my mom has a body guard as well. Don’t you dare say anything bad about him at a rally : you’ll be punched, kicked, dragged out and possibly (probably ) arrested. Don’t say anything bad about him in public where media is present, he will sue you.

I will say this about Donald Drumpf ‘s followers: if he is elected president, you deserve what you get. You won’t hear me now, but you will look back in a year and know I was right. This man is very very bad for our country. And he is just saying what you want to hear, prevaricating and obfuscating his way across the nation. He doesn’t really believe in God, he doesn’t even believe in America. He only believes in his own image. You’ve been warned.

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