Hey Berniecrats, You Don’t Need to Destroy the Democratic Party to Launch a Movement
Sasha Stone

You first have to admit you live in a fantasy world. Then let’s go on to admit that the Democratic party is a private organization that can, basically , do whatever it wants. Not what the people want. Hillary and her minions rigged the vote, stole the vote, manipulated the vote. THAT is what you are calling better strategy. Until you and your other Hillary supporters can admit this, yes, we will be on target to destroy the Democratic party because it’s full of liars, cheaters, thieves and cheats. IF you support Hillary, still, with all the facts pointing towards her being the most hated candidate in recent memory, the most shady, part of the Clinton Crime Cabal (you really should do an internet search for ‘Clinton Body Count’ and read about it. Not on google either because google manipulates data too)… then you are part of the problem. Why anyone would want to hang onto the idea that Hillary represents anything good is beyond me.

Stop listening to mainstream media and do some research. Hillary lost because we don’t want her in office and we’ll do anything to keep her out, because we know who she really is. Until you wake up and see who she really is you will be backing a losing horse all the way. You’re beating a dead horse, she’s finished. You think you are so progressive for writing an article that says “we had the better campaign and let’s stop bickering” NO, we’re going to bicker you into either knowledge of your shitty candidate’s real persona or until you shut the fuck up about her. She’s toast and should go retire on an island somewhere where we don’t have to hear about how she lost ‘boo hoo’ and how she got cheated. NO, she didn’t get cheated, Russians weren’t involved (stop with the fucking Russia shit ! You’re embarrassing) yourselves!)and you all need to wake up. You’re parroting what the mainstream media tells you to. Have you yet grasped the fact that mainstream media is all owned by just six corporations and that of course corporations do NOT have your best interests at heart?

Why would anyone back an elitist warmongering puppet of the shadow government over a grass roots of the people real deal like Bernie, that is the question of the ages. Because they were told to by mainstream media, that’s why.

You don’t even REALIZE that you have spouted the exact thing the corporate overbosses want you to spout. You’re a tool and you can’t even see it, and this makes me sad for you. You and all the hillary apologists. That woman is sick. She ignored most of the country during her campaign because she thought she was a lock. HUBRIS much? She allowed widespread cheating and manipulation and did NOT ONCE address it. Good luck with continuing on with this, with her, the shittiest, most hated candidate in the history of elections in this country. It’s not about misogyny, let me tell you. I’m a lesbian. I love women. I hate Hillary Clinton and daily wish she’d just fade away. Wake up before it’s too late. Or, just keep on writing this tripe and we’ll turn the country around without you. I don’t know about you but I want to be on the right side of history. When we finally have a Berniecrat in the White House I’m going to pull this article out and show it to you, when we have raised minimum wage nation wide, when we have ended for profit prisons, when we have single payer or universal health care… etc… when we have all these things and you are (I have no doubt you will) telling people you were for Bernie all along, I will show you this article. And you will say “I was so wrong, forgive me”. And, being a Bernie Bro, I will forgive you and welcome you into the fold.