Every Late Night Talk Show Is A Sleazy Plutocratic Rim Job
Caitlin Johnstone

Yup. It was with a very sick feeling that I realized the very same comedians I thought were hilarious pre-2016 election cycle were in fact wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are as dangerous as a Clinton presidency and just try to explain that to their fans. Their fans think they are quite smart, getting their political education from comedians. They are having fun while getting ‘informed’! I was one of them once. I loved Samantha Bee and Amy Shumer and Colbert and Maher and Noah … until the Bernie campaign came along and lit a fire under my ass and I got involved in politics and realized that I had been woefully misled down a very treacherous path by these people who had made me laugh while getting me to look away from the truth. I don’t know how we are going to purge them though … too many people love them dearly and don’t miss a single show.