Because it’s essential that the quality of information on each place is accurate, we made it simple to add a place on your phone.

You go to the bright red circle in the top right-hand corner of the homepage (or if you’re on your desktop at home, “Add” in the header). If you’re already logged in, you are taken directly to the add place flow, where you begin the six step process by choosing your category.

Updating a place is simple too. On the page for the individual place are three options; add a photo, edit the information, and rate the accessibility.

The infographic here explains the traffic light-style access level system, and the 21 different icons representing all the categories on WheelEasy.

Ever since a serious car accident 21 years ago left me as a permanent powered wheelchair user, I have become accustomed to not being able to go where I want, when I want, on a daily basis.

Tragically, following all the lockdowns, everyone in the whole world, can relate to…

The cartoon at the bottom is an updated version of the more well-known original, and a light-hearted take on an inability to use stairs.

The thing is that when you have mobility impairments, or are with someone who has problems getting around, you are dictated to about where you can…


Creating better access to leisure for everyone with mobility needs, with friends and family, enabling all to play a full part in leisure together.

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