Sunday Morning Coffee #4
Kyle Sergeant

Maybe these were rhetorical questions? Here goes:

I don’t know what the YouTube TV price is supposed to be. I didnt even know this service was about to exist until last week and apparently it’s meant not to exist, if you’re Canadian. We need to be protected from choice and value and freedom in our consumption of culture.

Juices—add ginger root to anything and it’s instantly; tastier, healthier. Ice and soy milk and an avocado and cocoa powder is a chocolate milkshake. Not sure if it’s gret for you, but… flavour.

Getting up in the morning—meditation. Or at least a brief internal monologue at bedtime in which you instruct yourself to do certain things. For me it’s ‘don’t worry about that thing tomorrow, don’t grind your teeth like you did last night, and get up at 6'. Say it in your head a few times. Mean it, know that it will work, and it works! I used to experiment with exact times, like ‘get up at 6:08.’ Mostly it worked.

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