I am guilty. I am guilty because I am accustomed to joke badly on many categories of oppressed people including women. I need to be clear: my approach is not a paternalistic one. I mean that oppressed people could set themselves free from oppression and that they are capable of reaching self determination if they want to.

Nevertheless, being part of a minority doesn’t prevent me from reproducing the cultural attitude of oppression. I became aware of this and I would like to demolish this cultural framework that is inside of me; it is like having a slag in my body that doesn’t want to go away and I am really trying to eliminate this beast that lives within me.

Nobody is exempt from this oppressive and abusive behavior against other people, it is mostly a behavior against oppressed people. It is not always true but if you notice it, it happens many times in nowadays societies. Furthermore, declaring ourselves leftists or political activists won’t save us from guiltiness.

I really don’t like it when I am treated like a thing (like a baggage) and, unfortunately, this abusive discrimination happened many times in my life, I can not deny it happened; this objectification was sometimes reproduced by me against others, I can not deny it happened, but I really do not want to reproduce that scheme again.

Paulo Freire suggested that the oppressed ones tend to reproduce against others the same oppression they experienced and to become, in turn, oppressors, because they learned well how to do it. So, how could we set ourselves free from the culture of oppression that leads to acts of oppression?

One of the most violent and hugest kinds of oppression is the one against women, the one that transforms persons with a story and life in objects; women have no words, no minds, no personalities, no power, but only objectified bodies from this perspective. This culture of objectifying (strictly related with the oppressive one) is more common than we could expect.

This cultural framework is not only a matter of words but it also leads to atrocities in the name of the white ableist dominant male power.

I was asking myself: how could I put a stop to this cultural framework that resides within me? The only answer I have is: I must kill the white dominant male that resides within me and this is the only way to set myself free from the oppression that I experience everyday.

This article is a call and promemoria for myself and others who need to stop reproducing the cultural framework of oppression and objectification in their life.