Temitayo Adigun’s passion and the Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation

They have a very powerful statement of purpose: to give hope to the Hopeless and underpriveledged, Happiness to the Crying, Shoes to the shoeless, Hand to the handless and Voice to the Voiceless. This statement serves as the driving force for a group of young professionals who share the common goal of putting smile in people’s faces and affecting lives positively daily with their resource, knowledge and motivation since the last few years back.

This passion is the thrust of the Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation (WHRF), a non-governmental organization with objectives targeted at helping individuals, families, communities and group of persons who are socially disadvantaged and to contribute to the creation of conditions that will enhance social functioning.

According to Temitayo Adigun, a Co-founder and President of WHRF, the foundation derives its slogan, “giving hope to the hopeless and underprivileged” from the passionate affection that members of the foundation have for the less privileged, especially those in the rural environment. Through education for all and facilitation of healthcare support likewise agribusiness empowerment for women and youth

“Wheels of Rising Hope Foundation is a platform to harness the potentials of the less privileged people and bring them up to be useful in the society”, Adigun said, in interview with SUCCESS NOTIONS on the activities of the organization.

“Wheels of Rising Hope Foundation is dynamic, moving from one rural environment to the other to give hope to the down trodden, because we believe that every person has hope and can be somebody in life if they get help. We want to serve as the bridge to the gap by giving motivation, knowledge, educational resources, and helping them to fulfill their potentials and have a purpose to rising to the climax of life”, he continued.

Explaining further, he noted that the reason why the group is committing efforts and resources to the objectives of the foundation is based on the common passion to help and make people live in peace and fulfillment.

“Wheels of Hope stand as a form of initiative to encourage people. For example, my beginning was very rough but it was because I had people to guide and encourage me that I was able to overcome the limitations and be where I am today. If I didn’t get that help, I might not have been where or who I am today, so we believe that if we are able to help others the way we were helped, we would be able to produce people who are better than us and able to do greater things in life”, Adigun added, noting that education and imparting people with information remains essential tools to empower people to become better persons and to attain success in life.

Drawing from a personal experience, Adigun gives an insight into the driving passion he and others had that made them establish WHRF. Hear him:

“I recall that when I was to go into higher institution, I wanted to study medicine, but there was a man who was like a counselor to me that time, who encouraged and monitored my growing up. It was him that told me that it would be better for me to do engineering because I was good in creative works in using my hand in repairing things like calculators, electronics and such things. I took to his advice and that was how I studied engineering through which I have now become a successful engineer and made me what I am today and it is this kind of motivation that we all also want to give to others so that we can create people better than us”.

He noted that that the foundation has been able to carry out various projects and activities in the past few years.

“We have carried out numbers of activities in the rural environment, which include distribution of text books, note books, school bags, school uniforms, sandals, education support materials like computers, e-books and also facilitate one student one library initiatives for education inclusiveness, Borehole to provide water to students and community and renovation and upgrading of latrine to modern toilets in the rural schools, just to mention few in Lagos State, Oyo State and Ogun State in the southwest Nigeria. Africa. We have visited various Orphanage homes like St. Monica Orphanage home in Iju Ishaga, Lagos for gifts donation, as well as offering free medical check-up. At St. Monica, we saw a 4year old boy who had an eye problem and with assistance from our international partners, we were able to do specific diagnosis and found out that the eye problem was cataract and we gave some money for the boy’s treatment”, he said.

He added that the foundation is in need of partnership with individuals and corporate organizations towards a number of programmes lined up to promote equality and inclusiveness likewise empowers more underprivileged people in the rural communities. Below are various projects and activities that we requires support and partnership to reach more life’s and all our programs and project have been strategically designed with sustainability incorporate within it and impacts are measurable towards development.

  1. Solar Energy for Education Project
  2. One Student One Library Project
  3. Education for All Project
  4. Good Toilet Good Health Project
  5. Water within our Village Project
  6. My First Aid Box My Health Project
  7. Better Life for Women Project
  8. Women in Agriculture Project e.t.c

Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation presently boost of a six-member project team, which career wise, is composed of persons with impressive professional discipline and International advisory board members from USA, Mexico, India, turkey and they are still expanding their team to include resource people to drive the sustainability of their vision and mission.

We are available to discuss further on partnering with individuals, organizations, agencies and bodies towards multiplying good in our rural areas through our various projects listed above to create share prosperity.

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