Don’t get-away from team culture, it’s right here

If culture is how things really get done, and strategy is the direction of where you want to go, not investing in your team culture is like going out in the wild wearing high-heels. It looks good, but it will only get you so far. That is what Niklas Holm and Emma Lindahl, former interactive design students at Hyper Island, thought about.

-We hear all this talk about how team culture is important, and while at Hyper Island we really got the opportunity to work with it hands on, and experience the benefits. But then outside of Hyper, we found it really hard to get the time. There is no deadline on team culture, so it gets pushed away, says Emma. -Yeah, and while the occasional off-site team experience offers a nice getaway from the office, Niklas adds on, that is what it is. A getaway.

Being taught that thinking only gets you so far, and doing is far more worth, the duo set out to develop a tool that would offer companies a way to work on team culture, while meeting the needs of fun, low threshold to play, and be allowing to any kind of busy office schedule. Early on they realized that a game was the way to go, but they went through a number of iterations prototyping and testing on companies to finetune. -And naturally, with our background, we first thought digital, says Niklas. Then we tried out a lot of different game mechanics, but since we had our reference goals of fun and simplicity, it was rather easy to see if each iteration was any good.

Now the team has released the game on Kickstarter, under the name wedoo game. -The name captures what we believe. You and I, as a we, need to do. And Kickstarter offers the perfect platform, involving the users early on. We love a quote of Ken Favaro, the team says. “Don’t let culture eat strategy for breakfast. Have them feed each other.”

Download a free printable playground here.

Note: The Kickstarter campaign failed, but was a huge learning opportunity.

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