Being creative is making art with what you got.

And if there’s anything greater than pulling a rabbit out of your hat or swallowing fire or juggling swords it’s making do with the little you have. Moderation is similar to being a minimalist when you have little to pick from. The creative spirit is something that always has amazed me. I’ve always been it all and how God borrowed from nothing to create this entire universe we all exist on. I’ve also had a struggle with panhandlers who also do the same thing but find their nothing in some dumpster in the back alley.

If you only got a little, then little is enough.

If you can’t get past your nose, then your size 12 shoe is enough.

If you can’t make do with what you got, then do what you can.

Einstein was definitely a man who never stopped failing, at trying to achieve something. They history is full of how he attempted time and again to discover something that had not been discovered. He is the epitome of the creative spirit we’ve seem to have lost in this generation. Yes, technology has eased many hard played out roles yet we still are hanging loose on some beachhead.

Creative is making art with what you got.”(Mr.D)